Who should be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

Believers in Christ. Since death is a natural part of life, it is only fitting that the Catholic community be present at the time of death.

May non-Catholics be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

Yes, non-Catholic members of Catholic families are allowed to be buried in the Catholic cemetery. There are several other circumstances under which non-Catholics can be buried in our cemeteries.

Does the Catholic church permit cremation?

Yes. The Catholic church strongly prefers the burial of the full body however the church does permit cremation unless it is evident that cremation was chosen for anti-Christian reasons.

Can we keep cremated remains at home, or dispose of them ourselves?

The church requires that cremains are treated with dignity. If cremation is chosen as a means of final dispositions, the remains are to be buried in the ground, or a columbarium. Cultural practices such as scattering cremated remains, keeping them at home, or interring them at some other location is not considered reverent by the church and is not an appropriate way of disposition.

What is the proper name for these remains?

What are commonly called ashes are no ash, but bone fragments. Proper terminology is “cremated remains of the body”.

Can I sell my burial space on the open market?

The Stevens Point Catholic Cemetery Association does not recognize the sale of burial rights between private parties. Burial Rights may be transferred to another person, preferably a family member. The Transfer Agreement must be completed and signed by all parties and notarized. An administrative fee may be required.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a structure for above ground entombment, that is to hold cremation urns.

What is the order of Christian Funerals?

The Order of Christian Funerals are the Catholic rites at and after death. It is modeled as a journey of prayer with the deceased from the deathbed to a place of burial. It is expressed deep emotions of profound faith in God, and enduring love of the deceased. The rites also convey thanksgiving to God, hope if Christ’s Resurrection, consolidation of the living and compassion for those hurting, afraid or sad.

The three main liturgical rites are to be celebrated in full, not shortened or omitted. The require time and travel. Death is never convenient.

The three main prayer moments:
* The Vigil at the funeral home or at the deceased parish, either the night before or just before the Mass.

* The Mass of Christian Burial celebrated with the faith community where the deceased belonged or where a family member belongs.

* The Rite of Committal prayed at the cemetery, either at a gravesite or in chapel, preferably right after the Mass.

Can I disinter my loved one for reburial elsewhere?

The Catholic Cemetery of Stevens Point always discourages the difficult and expensive endeavor, nevertheless, we support families that make this decision for valid reasons – keeping families together, desiring above ground entombment, etc. We do everything possible to  make this type of move reverent and respectful.

What about genealogical information?

We welcome and encourage your contact. Our staff responds to requests for burial locations related to personal visits and other cemetery related activities. If you are seeking information about our 20,000 burials, please request by mail or online. A fee may be required.