Your Catholic Cemeteries, owned and operated by the Stevens Point Catholic Cemetery Association, give witness to a faithful community of Christ’s disciples – the deceased, the living, even those still to be born, of all walks and stations of life.

We are committed to your family, those deceased and living. We invite you to come see our difference , to laugh, to cry, to remember, to smile, and to love.

Your Catholic Cemeteries are holy places for prayer, for memory, for service, for renewed purpose. These are sacred environments where LIFE is remembered, LOVE is deepened, HOPE is rekindled and FAITH is awakened, renewed and strengthened.

We all belong here together.

Visitation Policy

  • Assume the good intent of everyone on our grounds and presume their respect of sacredness of these premises.
  • Walkers, runners, riders and the like should remain on the roadways
  • Pets are not permitted
  • The cemetery is committed to public safety and security. The police have access to our grounds

Hours of Operation
Cemetery Grounds: Everyday from dawn to dusk
Cemetery Business Office: Monday – Friday 7:30 – 3:30pm


The following items are not permitted: Trees and shrubs, foam, glass, metal or wooden items, wire tripods, toys or balloons, lawn ornaments, statuary or figurines, bricks, stones, and wood chips.

Items that do not conform to the rules will be removed and discarded. The management is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, any item placed or planted on any lot.

Decorations are permitted year round in the Catholic cemeteries. The grounds crew will twice yearly remove decorations from graves. The spring cleaning (approx April 15) will remove all Fall and Winter decorations. The fall cleaning (approx October 15) will remove spring and summer decorations. People wishing to save decorations – please remove them by these dates.

Decorations or plantings are only allowed at the side of monument. Decorations are plantings are not allowed in front of, or in back of monuments. Decorations may be not placed directly in, or on the ground.

Planting trees or shrubs is prohibited.

Decorations are allowed only:
In URNS located at the sides of monuments
In WELLS located in the foundation of monuments
In ROD HOLDERS that suspend items above monuments

Excessive decorations, more that two items per lot, is prohibited.

This is only a partial list of decorations rules and regulations. Please contact the office for a complete list of rules and regulations.

Purchasing of Burial Lots

Parishioners wishing to purchase grave sites in the Stevens Point Catholic cemeteries, please contact the office to arrange an appointment. Choices include cremation and standard burials.

Individuals wishing to memorialize an individual may choose to do so with a tree of remembrance. Please contact the office for more information.